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Wool Dryer Balls - Set of 3


Wool dryer balls replace the need for fabric softener. They work naturally by rubbing on clothes. Wool dryer balls absorb water throughout your dry cycle, and then release the moisture when the clothes are dryer to help reduce wrinkles. They can also reduce dry time by 10-25%, so be sure to adjust your drying routine to avoid static.

These wool balls are felted, which means they will never fall apart. Every time that you use them, they felt a little more, so shrinkage is expected. They also will become denser as you use them. Please expect some stray strands of wool the first couple of uses.  They are dyed naturally. 

Use all three at once! Three balls are used for smaller loads, six balls for larger loads.  Scent them with a few drops of essential oil {lavender} for an extra dose of luxury.   

Please leave me a note if you have a color preference and I will certainly include it.  I will make a substitution as necessary as we don't always have the same colors/styles in stock.  

You will get a total of 3 dryer balls beautifully packaged with instructions for use.  These are perfect for gift giving! Christmas, Wedding, Housewarming, etc.