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Sterling Silver Hydrangea Box/Aromatherapy Necklace with Rose Quartz and Hammered Bezel



Every flower, blooms from a seed planted in the heart...a sweet aroma carried close

Hydrangeas from my yard have been imprinted on the back of the box necklace, the front is highly textured with hydrangea flowers and a twig underneath. A rose quartz has been set on the top. The design of this necklace is an open box which would be lovely to carry a special note, poem or word that has meaning for you. You could also insert a felt pad to carry an aromatic essential oil to uplift your mood during the day or provide a little energy...I love using sweet orange with ylang, ylang or lemon. 

Part of the chain is hand fabricated and part of it is commercial (20" long) with a hand made toggle clasp. The pendant is 1 1/2" x 1"



About the artist: Cindy G. Forrester

I'm Cindy Forrester and I design meaningful jewelry inspired by nature, especially the beauty found in South Dakota and the Mountains West.

My work has a blend of rustic beauty, natural elements and feminine detail. What comes out in my jewelry are bits of my life experiences, love of nature and faith. Little pieces of wearable art, with a deeper meaning. There is always a story behind why a customer buys a piece of jewelry, it is never about just wearing something pretty. When I am outdoors looking for special twigs, flowers, pods and textural elements to incorporate into my work I have no idea who it will touch or why, so when a customer tells me their story and what that piece means to them I am always blown away and deeply moved. I get to be a part of their special moment, memory or event, it becomes a shared celebration of life. I love these connections and creating meaningful keepsakes, inspiring women to take a deeper look at the natural world around them, and at the same time finding their own natural beauty, realizing that they are remarkably unique just like every single flower found in nature.