SkinXErin Hydrating Beauty Oil

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    • This 100% pure squalane oil is a powerful and effective skin hydrator that will never leave your skin oily or greasy.  It leaves behind nothing but luxurious, glowing, silky smooth skin.


      • Squalane oil is known for its intense hydration, anti-aging properties.
      • It also has anti-inflammatory benefits to help with skin issues like acne or eczema.
      •  It’s also phenomenal base for makeup - it's so light and your skin drinks it in!

      How to use:

      • Apply 3-4 drops after cleansing AM/PM.  Warm between your fingers and pat into the skin. Focus on any dry areas and areas with fine lines.  Massage into the neck and décolleté using upward strokes. If using another moisturizer with Hydrating Beauty Oil, use this beauty oil as your final skincare step in the AM.  Follow with Perfecting Night Oil in the PM.


      • 100% Pure Squalane Oil (derived from olives)