Sit Still Card

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"Sit still, drop your phone, and enjoy the magic in front of you." This beautiful world is miraculous.

That becomes even more clear after being in a sterile ICU for weeks and weeks, as happened to Leah/Tiny, the artist behind this card. (To be clear, modern medicine is miraculous, too - an abundance of gifts.) For the initial days after a severe construction accident that left Leah's paralyzed, she was unable to drink liquid. All she wanted was to sit outside with a latte, feel the hot liquid down her throat, and soak in the beauty of the sky, grass, trees, and her pup Lucy. When she was FINALLY strong enough to be lifted out of bed and into a wheelchair to go outside, it was a red letter day. A nurse pushed her through the hospital halls, multiple IVs rolling along with her.

Dimensions: 4.3" l x 5.5" w x 0.1" h