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South Dakota Magazine is spotlighting our business! 

Erin Nelson, owner of Irish Twins Soap Company, grew up in a health-conscious family. Her father’s law office was above Black Hills Staple and Spice Market, a natural foods store in Rapid City. She’d go to the Y for ballet or swimming after school. “Then we’d head over to the store to get licorice and go up to my dad’s office,” Nelson remembers. “My dad always shopped there. There were all kinds of things that nobody else eats or uses — like granola, chlorophyll and cleansers — but it was kind of normal to me.”






Soap maker growing out of her kitchen

Irish Twins features all-natural products

From her farmhouse in Beresford, stay-at-home mom turned entrepreneur Erin Nelson watches the sunrise while she makes soap, a career she crafted after starting to make it for herself four years ago.

“I bought a soap mold off of Craigslist and started making soap in my home,” Nelson said. “At the time, I worked for a health care company, but when my boss died of cancer, I was out of a job.”



S.D. small businesses vie in Martha Stewart contest

Two local businesses are part of a national competition hosted by Martha Stewart and the editors of Martha Stewart Living.

The 2013 American Made contest is meant to spotlight local artisans and support a new generation of American-made products.


Beresford, S.D., soap maker stirs up a fun idea

BERESFORD, S.D. | When Erin Nelson whips up a batch of pumpkin spice soap, the sweet smell of cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg fill her big farmhouse in Beresford.

Right now, she has at least six different kinds of soap curing on bakery racks in her living room. Not all of them smell like pumpkin pie.

Her newest bar of body wash, Lumberjack Swag, is a masculine blend of essential oils – bergamot, bay rum, cedar wood, geranium and black pepper.

“I’m in it so much that I don’t smell it anymore,” she said. But other people do – everyone from the mail carriers to strangers on the street. People come up to her and say, “You smell really good.”  

 Sandi Krakowski reviews Irish Twins Rustic Soap  

A Real Change International's Product Review

Sandi Krakowski's business "A Real Change" is a dynamic social media marketing and business mentorship programs & classes.  She brings her strong bold faith to the table along with her expert marketing advice. She was kind enough to review our soap and our marketing. Sandi has over 215,438 likes on her facebook page and is always a source of inspiration for business.  I love her bold and straightforward faith.  

One of my most favorite things to do when I owned our kitchenware stores back in the 90's was to do product reviews.  Recently I got the idea that we could impact more than 100,000 companies who have created their own products with a review.

Today's review will not only give a great business lesson but it will also show you critical factors in getting your product and company out to the marketplace!

When these soaps arrived I was VERY excited because I've used slow-pressed old fashioned soaps exclusively for a long time. With sensitive skin and a strong conviction against chemicals, it was a nice treat to be a able to sample these products. 

KSFY Television Spotlight on South Dakota Made Irish Twins Soap Company

KSFY Spotlight "Made in South Dakota"

Televison Station KSFY came to our home to see just what we are up to and how these South Dakota Products are made.

Martha Stewart's American Made 2013 Choice Awards - Irish Twins Soap Company Nominated
 American Made 2013 Nominee

Martha Stewart salutes the American entrepreneur with the 2013 Audience Choice Awards for handmade products. We're honored to be recognized.

 read about Irish Twns Soap on Pomegranate Market Blog  

Pomegranate Market - A local market review

Irish Twins Soap is a company creating products using the most natural ingredients - their soaps do not contain synthetic chemicals, artifical frangrances or dyes, instead, they are created using natural and plant derived ingredients that benefit the skin and awaken the senses. The soaps are hand-stirred and produced in small batches.


365 Small Business Profile Interviews Irish Twins Soap Company


365 Small Business Profile

Meet Erin Nelson of Irish Twins Soap Company. Read below how she used soaps to lead her to success!  A profile of small business owners and an insider view of entrepreneurship. Again, we're honored to be be included.


Debbie May Artisan Spotlight on Irish Twins Soap Company Artisan Spotlight!

So many of the artisans we speak with are one man—er, woman—shows, but with the Irish Twins Soap Co., there’s strength in numbers.

Erin Nelson started the business with her sister Dawn Schwandt, and the company’s name honors their family heritage. For those not familiar, the term “Irish twins” refers to siblings born less than a year apart. Although close in age, they are separated by distance living on opposite sides of South Dakota. Still, they’ve found a way to build a successful business as a team.


Mama's Got Flair Blog Review of Irish Twins Soap Company's Honey Almond Rustic Soap


Mama's Got Flair

I’d never tried handmade soap from an online boutique before, so I was super excited to be offered the opportunity to review a bar of handmade soap from Irish Twins Soap Company. They sent me a full-sized sample of their Honey Almond scented soap in exchange for an honest review. I’d always been curious about rustic soaps, but I’ve been using body washes for years and just wasn’t sure I’d like to go back to using bars. I’m so happy I had this opportunity, because I was taken with Irish Twins’ soap as soon as I opened the package.


The Savings Wife Blog Review of Irish Twins Soap Company's Honey Almond Rustic Soap

  When the Honey Almond Oatmeal Soap arrived from Irish Twins Soap Co. for me to try out.  The first thing I noticed was the aroma!  It smells so clean and fresh that even if the soap wasn't good it would work as a room deodorizer.   I was eager to give it a try.   

Simple Wyrdings Blog Review of Irish Twins Soap Company's Honey Almond Rustic Soap


The Irish Twins Soap Company has handmade soaps that contain only natural ingredients.

Since I love trying new soaps, especially ones that don’t have a lot of extra chemical stuff added to them I was happy to have a chance to try their Honey Almond Rustic Soap.

Kelly Johnson's Blog Review of Irish Twins Soap Company's Honey Almond Rustic Soap

  I love natural soaps.  I truly dislike the feel of most commercial soaps today.  They strip the body natural oils and are usually laced with fragrances, toxins, and synthetic chemicals.  A soap should nourish the skin instead of slowly destroy it. 

Atta Mama's Blog Review of Irish Twins Soap Company's Honey Almond Rustic Soap

  As part of our family’s goal towards moving into more natural ways of living, I’ve been spending quite some time looking for replacement products that see every day use. My bathroom is nearly there, and with the addition of the fabulous Honey Almond Rustic Soap from Irish Twins Soap Co. we’re that much closer! 

Cars Food Travel Review on Irish Twins Soap Company


Cars Travel Food Review

If you’ve got sensitive skin to perfumy soaps or have been wanting to buy more natural products or Made in America items, you might want to try Irish Twins Soap Co. Erin Nelson hand makes these soaps that are great gifts as well, in her South Dakota farmhouse.

DeluxeModern Design's Review + Summer Giveaway of Irish Twins Soaps Products


Deluxe Modern - review + Giveaway

Yep yep. It’s a fabulous giveaway! Our amazingly sweet and talented client, Erin Nelson of Irish Twins Soap Co. has generously offered to host a giveaway of five of her company’s all-natural handmade products, which just happen to be some of our favorites! (Trust me, the bug spray WORKS – and the Lavender spray will calm fussy kids and make your house smell fresh and amazing). See the product descriptions and how to enter below. The winner will be picked on Friday May 10th. Be sure to visit Irish Twins Soap Co. for more goodness, and see for yourself why we think they’re so awesome! (plus, we think their logo and packaging design is pretty cute too).

Meet Erin Nelson of Irish Twins Soap Company


~What is the name of your business and what do you make? 

Irish Twins Soap Co. - I make all natural soaps, homekeeping and spa products.  I use all natural ingredients ALWAYS.  I use only essential oils for fragrance, never any dyes, synthetics, or artifical ANYTHING.  My products are "Good for You and Good for the Earth".

The Shave Nook's Review of Irish Twins Soap Company's Shaving Soap


Shave Nook - Shaving Soap Review

Irish Twins is a glycerin-based shaving soap, also containing kaolin clay. It uses essential oils as fragrance - in this case, the soap is lime, bergamot, and patchouli scented. You can definitely pick up on the lime as soon as you open the container - it has a nice scent. I later picked up the bergamot note during the shave, not so much the patchouli. The predominant scent is lime.