Oranges Stationery Card

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These oranges are such an amazing splash of color and will stand out above and beyond anything that your people will get in the mail. Period. (Unless you send other Instant Artful Envelopes to them, lol!)

Instant Artful Envelopes make mail art easy-peasy. We designed a format for stationery that is unlike anything we are aware of on the market right now. A gorgeously thick piece of paper—unfolded it measures 12.5"x 7", giving you a 10"x7" space to write a letter.

Once your letter is written, fold the paper into an envelope, tape the edges, put the provided sticker seal on the back (to remind the recipient to open the envelope correctly), address, and add a forever stamp (if sending within the U.S.A.).

Designed by us, Tiny and Snail, and printed locally in Milwaukee, gift these as a part-physical, part-experience gift!

Dimensions: 7" l x 5" w