Milagro Heart Card

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Milagros, meaning miracles in Spanish, are small religious folk charms found throughout Mexico and Peru. The Heart Milagro (also known as the Sacred Heart) represents love, healing and gratitude. The perfect thing to put a little more love into the world! Perfect for sending love to a significant other, parent, child or friend.

Each card comes with a little heart charm on a card with a blessing on the back that states:
"Please take this Milagro, also known as a little miracle or offering, and put it in your home or carry it with you. The heart milagro represents love, healing and gratitude, may you always have these blessings in abundance.

*Each milagro is made of mild steel and based off of found original milagro heart molds. They are finished by hand forging and polishing so each milagro will be a little different and natural variations will occur. Handmade in India.