Merry Christmas Santa Claus Candle - Cranberry

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The perfect gift for the Christmas Season. 

A cheerful greeting and a beautiful fragrant candle for a cozy ambiance.  

Buy a few and tuck them in your gift closet for: 

  • teachers
  • daycare providers
  • delivery drivers
  • moms
  • dads
  • family get-together prizes
  • stocking stuffers
  • hostess gifts
  • secret santa gifts
  • cousins
  • grandmas & grandpas
  • pet sitters
  • girlfriends & boyfriends
  • neighbors
  • co-workers
  • employees
  • hairdressers/service people

Handpoured in our studio in Beresford, SD.

Soywax candle with cotton wick, burns approximately 80 hours. This one is fragranced with Cranberry.