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Drusy Amethyst and Sterling Silver Twig Necklace


Her beauty was burried deep within, let it out, let it shine...beautiful soul...

This gorgeous natural amethyst drusy has colors of purple, beige, reddish hue and black. The bezel was hand fabricated with a leaf design on the top edge one side is lower and has the word (within) stamped on the side this represents the lower wall. The taller bezel has been stamped with the words the beauty (the beauty within). The twig I cast using the ancient form of clay casting from a twig I found on one of my walks. The back of the piece has an oak leaf cut out so that you can see the landscape scene that this gorgeous stone has naturally which reminds me of a sunrise and the oak leaf that was cut out hangs from the back of the necklace with my maker's mark.

18" chain hand fabricated
Pendant - 2 3/4"




About the artist: Cindy G. Forrester

I'm Cindy Forrester and I design meaningful jewelry inspired by nature, especially the beauty found in South Dakota and the Mountains West.

My work has a blend of rustic beauty, natural elements and feminine detail. What comes out in my jewelry are bits of my life experiences, love of nature and faith. Little pieces of wearable art, with a deeper meaning. There is always a story behind why a customer buys a piece of jewelry, it is never about just wearing something pretty. When I am outdoors looking for special twigs, flowers, pods and textural elements to incorporate into my work I have no idea who it will touch or why, so when a customer tells me their story and what that piece means to them I am always blown away and deeply moved. I get to be a part of their special moment, memory or event, it becomes a shared celebration of life. I love these connections and creating meaningful keepsakes, inspiring women to take a deeper look at the natural world around them, and at the same time finding their own natural beauty, realizing that they are remarkably unique just like every single flower found in nature.