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Bless Someone - Pay it Forward

29th Jan 2016

Here's what's shaking at Irish Twins Soap Company. We want to share the love in a couple of ways. First, a coupon for your next order. Get 10% off everything in your basket till Valentine's Day. Use c … read more
Lots of new goodies for the new year

Lots of new goodies for the new year

Posted by Erin Nelson on 6th Jan 2016

We've had a amazing 2015 and are so excited to start 2016 with a brick + mortar retail and studio space!  It's been such a journey from starting to make soap in my kitchen to buying and renovatin … read more

Love Your Skin 101

Posted by Erin Nelson on 30th Jul 2014

Get happy skin by going back to the basics.Skin care made simple. Everybody wants beautiful skin - and it can be as simple as switching products. If you are still using commercial soaps - your skin … read more

We're Celebrating at the Calico Skies Winery + Vineyard

Posted by Erin Nelson on 18th Jun 2014

We're joining in the Celebration at Calico Skies Winery + Vineyard this weekend!  It's their third anniversary and our fifth!  Looking forward to the entertainment, wine and pizza.  We' … read more